Antistatic performance test requirements

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When testing the static eliminator, the operator should take anti-static measures, such as wearing anti-static clothing, anti-static caps, anti-static shoes, etc., to ensure that the human body is grounded.

The compressed air source of the electrostatic eliminator should be clean, dry and free of dust, grease, moisture, etc.

During the testing process, various parameters of the testing environment should be recorded, such as temperature, humidity, air flow rate, air pressure or air flow and environmental cleanliness.

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Anti-static performance testing requirements

Matters to be noted

1:There should be no large metal conductors or metal grounding bodies around the static eliminator and test equipment.

2: There should be no other static removers, static generators, high voltage power supplies, power sprays, high voltage transmission and charged equipment around the static eliminator and test equipment.

3: There should be no static charged insulated objects or electrostatic sources around the static eliminator and test equipment.

4:There should be no obstacles that block airflow between the static eliminator and the test instrument. The test instrument and the static eliminator (if it has a grounding terminal) should be well grounded. The test instrument should be cleaned or adjusted before it is used for testing.

Test Environment Requirements

Test temperature and humidity: 20-26℃, 12±3%RH or 50±5%RH
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