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NEPCON Thailand 2023

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NEPCON Thailand is the largest and most professional electronic component exhibition in Thailand. This exhibition is a platform for industry exchange and information, providing exhibitors with an opportunity to showcase to expert audiences.

The previous NEPCON Thailand exhibition had a total area of 35000 square meters, with 710 exhibitors from China, India, Pakistan, Dubai, Russia, Brazil, Spain, Hong Kong, and more. The number of attendees reached 60000.

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The manufacturing and supporting industries in ASEAN are rapidly growing, and the demand for precision electronic components is also growing rapidly. NEPCON Thailand will become a destination for tens of thousands of electronics industrialists who will discover the right technology, business connections, and technology, thereby stimulating the productivity and potential of the entire ASEAN. (The copyright of this article belongs to Juzhan, and reposting is prohibited without consent)

NEPCON Thailand also holds international electronic and electrical seminars and NEPCON procurement conferences, making it an excellent platform for relevant manufacturers in China's electronic manufacturing industry to explore Thailand.

SUZHOU  KESD TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD will be attending Nepcon Thailand 2023 in Thailand from June 21st to June 24th, main products : ion fan, ion nozzle ,ion gun , ion bar, FFU.


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