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About Us

KESD SUZHOU KESD Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a professional static electricity elimination equipment and system development manufacturer.

Over the years, we have devoted ourselves to the research and development, design, production and sales of ion fan, ion wind stick, ion wind nozzle, dust and static electricity removal, static electricity sensor, ffu air purification unit and other kinds of industrial static electricity elimination equipment, as well as low-power wide-area Internet of Things ESD digital monitoring system.

KESD SUZHOU KESD Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprises, with independent autonomous brand KESD and KESD.

Shenzhen, Suzhou two major operation centers, products are widely used in semiconductor, optoelectronics, precision electronics, new energy and other electronic manufacturing segments, as well as printing, pharmaceutical, film, petrochemical and other industries. The company has always focused on the advanced manufacturing enterprises to eliminate static electricity and protection needs, to build a first-class R & D team and production, service system, with nearly 100 patents at home and abroad, and strict implementation of the ISO quality management system, every link of the product excellence. Deep plowing and meticulous work, the products have been spread in many countries and fields, known in the industry and get the majority of customers deep praise.

The company will be in line with the "help customers to improve yields, escort" mission, always practicing the spirit of "unlimited service, more than innovation", and constantly research and development of high-precision products to serve our customers, and contribute to the promotion of intelligent manufacturing.

About Us

Based on warm, considerate, efficient and excellent service and good quality, we have established steady cooperation with customers in over 58 countries, such as China, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Russia, India, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Poland, and Malaysia.

Our customers include many well-known groups like Panasonic, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, MISUMI Corporation , Foxconn Technology, BOE Group and son on.

With long term cooperation with partners, we have learned to respect customers' needs and take it our own responsibility to help them enhance competitiveness. We provide services for customers from pre-sale to after-sale with our professional and devoted abilities.

Being professional is the base for existing, insisting on innovation is the power for development, and honest service is the key for wider market.


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