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ESD High Frequency Ionizing Air Nozzle Static Eliminator KZ-10C KESD

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Product Description

 Ion air nozzle is a kind of small device which is used for static elimination professional.It use the compressed air to blow out of the air flow, at the same time, it will produce a large number of positive and negative charges which is depend on the electrode needle,It can neutralize surface of charge and eliminate static electricity.It not only small but also easy to install,stable performance.Airflow velocity may be regulated and fast to eliminate static electricity.ion air nozzle kesd

Product Features

 1. Automatic ion balance system, ion balance can reach 0±10V or less.

2. Built-in high-pressure system, small size, safe and convenient.

3. Equipped with scenic spots running lights and high pressure abnormal alarm indicator.

4. According to the use of different places, choose different nozzle.

5. With tungsten alloy discharge needle, hard to wear if long-term using.

6. Shell wall sprayed metal paint, so that the entire body ground shield.

Technical Parameters

Ouput voltage: AC2200V
Current consumption500mA
Operation Temperature:0-40℃
Operation Humidity:30-70%RH
Ozone concentration<0.03ppm(200mm distance)
Piping connection caliberΦ6
Size:                             104.5*56.5*22mm
Filtration accuracy0.1μm
Filtration efficiency0.999
Ion Balance±10V

Test results

Testing  Conditions RH: 60%, Temp 22 oC
Testing Voltage 1 KV – 100V, Operating Voltage AC110V
 Distance 300mm 600mm
 Decay Time Positive1.0s2.3s
 Offset Voltage Positive <0±10 V

External View

ion nozzle kz-10c


Are you manufacture or trading company?

We are manufacture. Our factory has been specializing in ESD field  more than 17 years.

Can you make product as our design?

Of course. We do OEM and ODM.

What is your delivery time?

Usually 3-7 days. Special cases depend on order quantity and design.

Are samples available?

Yes, samples are available at any time. We charge some sample cost and will return it during the next order.


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