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Auto Sensing Electrostatic Eliminator Ionizing Air Nozzle KZ-10A-SY-HPJ

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Product Description

KZ-10A-SY-HPJ Auto Sensing Ion nozzle is a fixed static elimination of special equipment. It is the use of compressed gas series in addition to a static product. With easy installation, stable work, strong wind speed, the characteristics of the rapid elimination of static electricity.

ion air nozzle esd haixin

Product Features

1,Auto ion balance system,Ion balance can be achieved within 0±10V.

2, Built-in high pressure system, small volume, Use safer and more convenient.
3,With destaticizing abnormal indicator light and High voltage operation abnormal indicator light.
4,With Tungsten alloy spray point,long time to use and not easy to wear and tear.

5, Metal spray paint in dand outside.

6,Choose proper nozzle according to destaticizing requirement,geting twofold results with half the effort.Also can make the design fit for the nozzle in customer’s site according to customer requirement and application situation.

Technical Parameters

Technical parameters

Product model


Input power supply voltage


    LED               indication


Destaticizing normal operation indicator light

If destaticizing operation is normal, the green indicator light is on.


Destaticizing abnormal indicator light

If destaticizing operation is abnormal, the red indicator light is on.


Airflow applied

Air (clean air containing no water or oil)

Air pressure application range


Applied environment temperature

0-40℃ (no condensation)

Applied environment humidity

30-70% RH (no water drop condensation)

Ion generating way

High frequency AC corona discharge mode

Ion balance

 Automatic ion balance system 0±10V

Ozone concentration

Below 0.03 ppm (distance 200mm)

Tubing connecting calibre

Ø6 windpipe

Size (mm)


Weight (kg)


Filter precision


Filter efficiency


External View

auto sensing ion nozzle


Are you manufacture or trading company?

We are manufacture. Our factory has been specializing in ESD field  more than 17 years.

Can you make product as our design?

Of course. We do OEM and ODM.

What is your delivery time?

Usually 3-7 days. Special cases depend on order quantity and design.

Are samples available?

Yes, samples are available at any time. We charge some sample cost and will return it during the next order.


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