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PCB & Electronic Assembly

PCB & Electronic Assembly kesd


Printed Circuit Board (PCB) & Electronic Assembly products require protection from the destructive effects of electrostatic discharge (ESD) and particle contamination which can seriously damage sensitive electronic components and assemblies.kesd extensive line of products from point of use ionizing air guns to benchtop and overhead ionizing blowers and compact ionizers that fit inside of tools are designed to protect production processes such as PCB manufacturing and assembly, surface mount technology, device programming, medical device manufacturing and testing.

Back-end Semiconductor Processing Ionization Solutions

Ionization Solutions kesd


Typical back-end semiconductor applications where ionization and monitoring solutions improve productivity include the cleanroom area where photolithography, reticle storage and FOUP wash processes. Inside test and assembly tools, ionizers used in combination with ESD event detection and field voltage monitors provide protection against costly ESD damage.

Front-end Semiconductor Manufacturing Ionization Solutions

Semiconductor Manufacturing


Static charge is generated throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process, caused primarily by the contact and separation of dissimilar materials. Static charge affects productivity and yield in three ways. Static charge electrostatically attracts (ESA) particles from the air causing potential yield loss on wafers and reticles. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) of voltages cause instant or latent defects on reticles, wafers, or packaged chips. Electrostatic discharges can also create electromagnetic interference (EMI), triggering microprocessor lockup and robotic malfunctions that lead to product flow interruptions and costly tool downtime.

Flat Panel Display Manufacturing Ionization Solutions

Flat Panel Display Manufacturing Ionization Solutions


Stringent contamination control standards for Flat Panel Display (FPD) manufacturing, including in-tool, conveyor and cassette load/unload applications, often require the use of mini-environments and complete room ionization systems to isolate sensitive products from ambient particle contamination during fabrication. Kesd ionizers are ideal for FPD manufacturing processes that require fast discharge times for quick moving glass substrates.

Life Science Manufacturing Ionization Solutions

Life Science Manufacturing Ionization Solutions


Leveraging our technical expertise in providing ionization solutions to solve particulate contamination – both sub-visible and visible – since 1936 in the high tech industries, we have demonstrated how ionization significantly solves particulate contamination in many global life science companies.

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