KESD Space Ion Bar KJ-40 Introduction

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KJ-40 Space Ionizer Bar is an ionizer independently developed by KESD.

The product adopts one-piece design, equipped with 24V DC input can be used directly, reducing the use of high-voltage wire connection brought about by a variety of effects.

Adopting pulse DC discharge mode, the product spacing 0.6-1.2 m. Pulse DC mode to the two electrode needle alternately release """"-"High voltage, generating two kinds of high-concentration ion cloud, the work status output function. Intelligent monitoring connectivity: LoRa, 5G.(requires mobile network support)

KESD KESD space ion bar + ESD digital monitoring system advantages: to realize real-time sensing of static electricity and environmental parameters, to realize ESA & ESD closed-loop control, to improve the process yield.

Space Ionizer KJ-40 Elimination Time/Ion Balance: ≤60S/±150V.


Space static electricity will affect the yield of semiconductor process, especially in the high level clean area of FAB factory, which requires high cleanliness and relatively low humidity, resulting in static electricity presenting high static value, long static dissipation time and other characteristics, which becomes an important influence factor to jeopardize the yield of FAB process.

KESD space ionizer bar KJ-40 space ionizer bar features:

  1. High speed and large area for static electricity removal, distance 1.8 meters, dissipation time<60s, ion balance <±150V, can effectively remove a large range of space static electricity;

  2.  Using remote control and space ionization bar two-way control, the state is more intuitive;

  3. Static removal effect is good, can use the external regulator to adjust the output ion level, frequency;

  4.  Real-time output work status signal, user debugging is more simple and convenient, and interconnection with external equipment;

  5. Cleaning reminder function, in the discharge level pollution, through the LED instructions;

  6. Low power consumption wide-area Internet of Things technology;

  7. KESD space ionization bar structure, suitable for ISO14644-1 Class1-4 high class cleanroom;

  8. Can be used with FFU, the use of FFU laminar laminar wind will be distributed to the ion cloud space area.

KESD Space Ionizer Bar KJ-40 Advantages:
  1. The whole area without dead space in addition to static electricity, reduce ESD & ESA;
  2. Simple access, simple control, reduce wiring trouble, products can be networked monitoring;
  3. Will not lead to turbulence, disturbed flow, to ensure that the laminar wind flow in an orderly manner.

The value of KESD Space Ion Bar KJ-40:
 1. Improve the process yield;
 2. Operation status can be known and controlled;
 3. Will not use the wind to remove static electricity device, resulting in a decline in cleanliness, product yield reduction.


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