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Pre-Wetted Wipes Cleanroom Wipes OEM/ODM Wipes

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Product Description


7Product NameSub Superfine Cleanroom Wiper
Edge cuttingHeat cutting
Material100% Polyester
GrainStraight line double knitted
Package wayVacuum
Size 12"*12",9"*9",6"*6",4"*4"

Features of Dustless Clearoom Wiper:

1.Cleaning it with the water of grade of 18MΩDI.

2.Soft touch, will not scratch the surface of the object.
3.Embryo processing, made of excellent oil absorption, water absorption

4.Using laser cutting edge or ultrasonic cutting edge, effectively prevent the four sides of wool scattered.
5.Professional drying,product packaging are all in the classl00 clean room .
6.Suitable for class100-1000clean room environments.
7.Not easy to cause the chemical reaction.

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